A Singular Destination

You know musicians. You know producers. You have colleagues with titles like creative director, editor, copywriter. They each have esteemed portfolios of polished works showcasing their individual crafts. They are all great at what they do. Each of them...singularly.

We creatives are schooled to narrow our goals to a singular trade, a single specialzed media. We honed our skill and went to work in creative assembly lines. We were told we had arrived. Our clients were told we were great at what we did. Each of us...singularly.

We of BRAEID think a different process bears juicier fruit. Each of us singularly are masters of several. Though under one roof, we've trashed assembly line processes and instituted comprehensive collaboration. Our entire team is involved at every step of the production, regardless of media. All of us...collaboratively.

Instead of living towards a singular destination, we offer one.

Pre Prod

Proven copywriters standing by! Whether your vision needs pro audio, pro video, pro photo, or all of the above, know that your brand story will resonate at every point of sensory contact. Know also that experienced producers are here to ensure flawless production planning. An ounce of pre production planning is worth a pound of post production cure.


Track for the mix, shoot for the edit, and light as though photoshop was never invented. These are the principles BRAEID lives by. We firmly believe corners should remain sharp and uncut. Our clients tend to agree.

Post Prod

Full scale sound lab, pro grade edit bay, operated by eyes and ears that know what they're doing. Versed in providing audio exports for web streaming and radio, and video exports broadcast safe and web streaming as well.